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Shantha Appano, Trustee, The Bear, Deptford.

Aspiring to be a Trustee

Getting started

Are you thinking of becoming a trustee, or are you a new trustee who wants to find out more about the role? In this section you'll find a range of useful resources - articles, documents for download and links to other information sources from organisations across the voluntary and community sector.

Smaller organisations are often happy for any of their volunteers, stakeholders or beneficiaries to play a more active role in helping to run their organisation, and many founders / managers of small charities wear different hats depending on whether they're acting as a manager or trustee in a particular situation.

For larger organisations, there is often a formal interview, followed by an induction. Vacancies for trustees of large charities and other voluntary and community sector organisations are often advertised in the press. (See The Guardian's Society section on Wednesdays and NCVO's VS magazine, for example).

There are a number of organisations that you can contact if you are considering becoming a trustee. The Governance Hub Recruitment section has a list of organisations offering opportunities for aspiring trustees. (Please note that we do not list individual vacancies: you will have to contact the organisations listed for more information about specific recruitment opportunities).

Visit the Recruitment page here.

Where can you find more information?

Check out the Key Resources below and see what other aspiring trustees have been looking at in the "Most Popular" section below. You can also find out what's involved in becoming a trustee in the Trustees section of the Governance Hub website.

Aspiring - key resources:
Trustee Recruitment Toolkit
The Trustee Recruitment Toolkit sets out good practice for seeking the best people to govern a community or voluntary...

Trustee Recruitment, Selection and Induction (RS1)
This report examines how charities select, recruit and induct new trustees. It draws on studies of Charity Commission...

Recruiting and Supporting Black and Minority Ethnic Trustees
This guide follows the launch of the Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary and Community Sector Code of Good Practice. It...

Duties of Charity Trustees
This publication outlines the roles and responsibilities of charity trustees.

Most popular resources
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Governance Journalexternal linkmore info
Involving Young Peopleexternal linkmore info
Learning to Fly 120.18 KBmore info
Problem Boards or Board Problems?Articlemore info
Reducing the Risks - A Guide to Trustee Liabilities 246.42 KBmore info
Trustee Recruitment Toolkit 289.85 KBmore info
Users on Board : Beneficiaries who become Trustees (CC24)external linkmore info