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You can now learn about trusteeship and governance at your own pace and in your own home or office using our online learning resource.  The new service, called Learning to Drive, can help you to become a more effective trustee.

What is it?

Learning to Drive is a multi-layered and interactive guide for trustees, and others interested in governance, to acquire, develop and implement governance best practice. 

What does it involve?

  • 12 learning modules covering best practice in governance
  • 2 levels at which to learn (beginners and advanced) totalling 36 hours
  • support from registered e-tutors
  • in the future ... accredited learning

Who is it for?

The people who embark on Learning to Drive may:

  • Be new to trusteeship or may be considering becoming a trustee
  • Want to get greater experience or sharpen their skills
  • Want to advance their knowledge, skills or expertise
  • Want an accredited course
  • Be trainers, facilitators, advisors, tutors, supporters or groups who want to improve their induction and support of trustees

The programme is flexible enough to meet the needs of busy people who want to tailor their learning to what works for them.

Log-on now to learn at


E-tutors receive an induction pack, ongoing support and assistance and a small financial reward for your time. As part of the e-learning programme there is a special e-tutor site which provides guidance on each module and support materials written by housing experts.

The site has been built by Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations (SAVO) for the Hub.  For more information about Learning to Drive and to find out more about becoming an e-tutor, please contact.