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The Governance Hub brings together people, information and ideas about governance in the voluntary and community sector. Whether you're a trustee, chair, advisor, funder - or just want to know more - this is the place to come.

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Another Opportunity - Mentoring Pilot for Chairs

Are you the chair of a voluntary or community organisation? Would you like the opportunity to take part in a pilot scheme and at the same time get some free mentor support? Community First are piloting a mentoring scheme to support chairs on behalf of the Governance Hub, and are looking for chairs to take part; mentoring will be delivered by experienced and qualified business advisors. For more information click here

New Resources for Chairs

The Governance Hub has launched two new resources for Chairs:

- Starting on the Right Track – A Guide to Recruiting and Inducting a New Chair
This short, easy-to-use online guide will help organisations plan and carry out the recruitment and induction of their new chair. It is available to download for free here.
- Setting up a Chairs’ Networks
This online guide provides an overview of how to set up organised chairs network. It contains seven key steps to establishing a network and guidance on how to make the network successful. It will be available to download for free from the Hub’s publication page in April 2007. 

More on Chairs  

Launch of 'Get on Board' trustee recruitment campaign

The Governance Hub has launched its Get on Board trustee recruitment campaign, in partnership with the Charity Commission and Volunteering England. The Get on Board campaign aims to raise awareness of trusteeship and encourage people to register their interest in becoming one. Research commissioned by the Get on Board campaign has found that people have concerns for the future and are frustrated in their jobs. Very few people have thought of trusteeship as a way of making a difference to the causes they care about. Trusteeship is a great way for people to make a difference, whilst gaining new skills and experience and getting satisfaction.

Are you interested in becoming a trustee ?

Are you looking for new trustees ?

Read more on Get on Board

Good Governance - A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector

Read the Code and discover how your organisation can benefit from adopting its seven main principles.

Learn more about the Code?  |  Download the code

Pledge your support for the Code here

National Occupational Standards for Trustees

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to become a better trustee. Find out how the National Occupational Standards can help you plan vital board tasks such as induction of new trustees.

Reducing the Risks - A Guide to trustee Liabilities

The responsibility for a charity or voluntary and community sector organisation ultimately rests with its board of trustees. So it is essential that these board members have the awareness, knowledge and confidence to identify and manage the risks associated with their role.

Reducing the Risks is a new Governance Hub publication that provides invaluable guidance on assessing and minimising the risks associated with trustee liabilities.

More info about Reducing the Risks

Launch of trusteenet plus

Charity Trustee Networks (CTN) has launched a membership scheme, discounted, trusteenet plus. Benefits include trustee indemnity insurance, a subscription to governance magazine, and discounted entry to CTN seminars and events. For more information, please go to

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